Weekly summary of 13th – 19th May.

This week is very common. It was not busy at work, and was not amazing in life.

My boss changed the business trip’s date to the first week or second week in June. We got Malawi’s Visa on Wednesday. We will going to Kenya on 10th June, and are going to have some meetings with South Africa’s collages to the bank of Kenya for three days. After that, we are going to the Mauritius or Malawi, it is not a finally planning, I think it is will be change again.

Today is hot and cold, it is not contradiction, “Hot” means Beijing is coming to summer, the temperature is high. “Cold” because today’s weather is windy, I am wearing shorts, T-shirt and feeling very cool when wind blows through my body.

This weekly sentence is “It is not worth our while to sacrifice high-quality life for income.”.


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