Summary of the last week of April.

It This is a week weekly summary from 29th April to 5th May, in 2019.

I originally want wanted to write a diary everyday. But but I had to take a lots lessons day by day everyday. So so I write this – Week summary weekly summary instead of a daily record.

Story 1

One day of this week, maybe Tuesday or Wednesday, I don’t remember it. I looked for was looking for somethings on the mobile app when while I went to was going to my office by metro. When when I heard the broadcast in on the metro said:  When it was announced on the metro: “The next station is Jiulongshan…” Oh my god God, I forgot to take off get off the metro. and I must turned back. to reverse side again. So, so I was late in that day.

What was this thing does this tell me? Sometimes, the mobile can be a convenience to our life, but sometimes it also can be diverted my attention a distraction.

Story 2

This week was is the end of April and begin to the start of May.

The season was end of Spring spring and begin to of Summer summer.

The weather was cold and hot.

So, I had a little cold. But but I am OK from cold now.


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