Summary of first week in May.

This week was a nice week. I was not busy on at work, and my weight was down to 70.9 kilograms from 75kg. My muscle is strong to strong, and my fat to less. My belt from the first tack hole to the fourth’s. It marks my waistline to be thin.

About my work, I and my boss My boss and I have decided to go to the Africa for on a business trip on the weekend after next week. We are going to Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi and Mauritius. We also want to go to the South Africa, but we don’t have enough time to apply the VISA, it needs ten workdays to adults our application, for a Visa as it needs ten working days. I think the time is OK. But Sometimes it needs too long time to adults, maybe four week… So so we give up it.

At least, I want to take a words for this week: “Everything is fixed, but everyone to watch things will be have different mind.”


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